Meet Our Team

Kay Stevens 
Kimberley Harper 
Deputy Principal
Tiffany Przewieda
Assistant Principal
Lyn Jackson
Jessica Stevenson
Victoria Roy
Teacher's Aide
Heather Wing
Resource Assistant
Pam MacPherson 
School Secretary
Additional Staff
(Absent for Photos)
Kate Stiven            Teacher
Katie Blatch           Teacher
Wayne Duncan       Teacher
Carol Hayes            Teacher

Juliet Odicta            Cleaner

Steve Whitten         Caretaker

Our Board of Trustees

Principal  - Kay Stevens

Members - Sonia Dillon - Chairperson

                  Gavin Tayles - Treasurer

                  Richard Clarkson - Property

                  Victoria Tremaine - Self-Review

                  Tyler McKee - Health and Safety

Today's learners, tomorrow's leaders

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