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Riversdale School Newsletter Term 1 Week 7

Tena Koutou Parents, Caregivers and Whanau.

Hello everyone,

Kia ora e hoa mä.

Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana

(From the older sibling the younger learns how to do it, from the younger sibling the older learns how to be tolerant/everyone has responsibilities, both the old and the young).

Vests and Sun Hats

All students must wear their hi-vis vests to and from school. All students were given a vest from the Home and School, and new students will still receive a vest. If your child loses or outgrows their vest parents need to purchase a new yellow hi-vis vest.

In Terms 1 and 4 all children must wear a bucket style sun hat every day. If your child does not have a hat they must play under the tree for sun protection. Please ensure your child has a sun hat at school every day in Term 1 and Term 4.


All students must have a homework packet to transport their readers and homework books to and from school. If your child does not have one, please purchase one asap.

Teachers had a discussion about homework this morning. Your child will have reading each night. This will be from their instructional reader, therefore it is CRITICAL that these are read to the whanau member and RETURNED each day. Sometimes your child will only be asked to read to the middle of the text – this is correct. As this text is at their instructional level they may encounter some challenges – prompts like ‘try that again – and does it look right’ or ‘does that make sense’ or ‘did that sound right/look right’ are good ones to try before telling them the tricky word. Reading should be a pleasant time. If it is not, please contact your child’s teacher. Children will also have basic facts and spelling words to practice. These are the core areas we ask you to support.

Thank you for your work, in partnership with us, to ensure your child continues to progress.

Board Corner

On Wednesday night the Board worked with School Trustees Association trainer Gigi Hollyer on Strategic Planning. This work will form the basis of our 2022 Charter. We will be seeking your views on what you want your school to look like in 5 years time (strategic thinking) and also our children’s views on this. From there, later this year, we will develop our 3 year 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan. We look forward to hearing from you next term.

Sonia, Tyler, Haydn, Victoria and Gavin.

Northern Swimming

Good luck to all students who are competing at Northern swimming tomorrow.

Home and School

The Riversdale Home and School are having a meeting on Monday 29 March at 7.30pm in the school staffroom. It would be great to see parents coming along to support the Home and School and to discuss fundraising for 2021.

Coming Up This Term …

Saturday 27 March - Southland Athletics.

Tuesday 30 March to Thursday 1 April - Year 5/6 camp to Tautuku.

Friday 2 April - Good Friday (School Closed).

Monday 5 April - Easter Monday (School Closed).

Tuesday 6 April - Southland Anniversary day (School Closed).

Thursday 15 April - Community Assembly in the Hall at 1.30pm. All welcome.

Friday 16 April - Last day of Term 1.

Sunday 25 April - ANZAC Day. All children are asked to attend, especially those in the school choir.

Monday 3 May - First day of Term 2.



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